Jun 192012

So, for today’s blog I’ve decided not to offer some advice, or show you some of my work. Instead I want to take you inside Mission Control here at Suffuse Solutions. It’s a hive of activity in here at the moment!

1 – My Video/Podcast Editing PC
2 – My Portable PC
3 – Another Screen for my Portable PC
4 – My Mac (you can’t be in media and not have a Mac can you?)
5 – My Notepad (even I scribble occasionally!)
6 – My Mobile Phone
7 – My Digital Video Camera (ready for action!)
8 – My Digital Audio Recorder (for those audio soundscapes!)
9 – My European Podcaster of the Year award (pride of place)
10 – My biggest fan (this is what I use to make things really cool!)

If you liked that, then have a look at Inside The Podcasting Factory!


Heirarchy of Social Networking Needs

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Jun 182012

I was reminded of this Infographic whilst at the First Friday Network in Horsham last friday.

TBH, I remember the premise of the infographic but not it’s detail, so it was  interesting going back and reviewing it.

It’s pretty obvious that LinkedIn provides us with security of employment, and that Facebook and Google+ provide us with feelings of belonging.

However, do I really believe that Twitter helps me increase my confidence, self-esteem and respect for others?  Well…. maybe if I was Stephen Fry, I suppose? It’s certainly a bragging medium, but then again…. so are all the Social Networks.  Maybe I’m just a Twitter snob?

Then we get to Self-Realization. Here we have the blogging platforms: Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr. True, I suppose, but this was originally posted in January, and things have really moved on since then.  We now have Pinterest, where I see a lot of people (myself included) pinning images under grand titles as Life, Love and Truth.   A medium of morality?

My clients often ask me “which network should I use?” I have to say I usually try to persuade businesses to blog as a primary channel and allow their content to automatically flow into the other channels.

I suppose this logically makes sense: a business needs to be self-aware in order for it to exist.

It’s interesting nevertheless to ask the question: Am I using the right social network to meet my needs?

What do you think?  (and how will you communicate your answer with me?)


Let’s Start Networking!

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Feb 232012

I attended my first business networking event today.  I was hoping to record some interviews with some of the businesses there, and post these here on the website, but it seems these networking events operate a no video and no recording policy. Sadly, whatever happened at the show stayed at the show, but it was interesting nevertheless and I did have some useful conversations with some very interesting businesses.

To name three….

  • Guide2Brighton.com are an up-and-coming listings directory, operated as a franchise of Small World Media.  Very nice people, and one of the sponsors of the Great Escape Festival, which I attend  every year.
  • EchoVideo.co.uk are a video business specialising in Corporate and Promotional Videos, as well as Concert DVD and Music Video production.  Run by a couple of guys straight from University, with a good honest flair and love for what they do.  Competition for what I’m hoping to do? Maybe, but no-one seems to have that podcast style media tied in with Social Media that is offered at Suffuse Solutions. Great guys though.
  • Segmentmarketing.co.uk describe their services as Search Engine Optimisation & Link Building. They use a WordPress framework, as we do here, and they help get those all-important Google-bots to crawl around their customers websites and get them to the top of the Google rankings. Valuable stuff.

Looking forward to some more networking events in and around the area!


Brighton and Hove Business Show

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Feb 202012

I shall be heading down to the Brighton and Hove Business Show on Thursday this week.  Not only will it be a good chance to meet up with local business owners, but I’ll also be able to video some of the business owners and put some content here on the Suffuse Solutions site.  Feel free to say hello!

Stay tuned for more information!