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Inside Suffuse Solutions

So, for today’s blog I’ve decided not to offer some advice, or show you some of my work. Instead I want to take you inside Mission Control here at Suffuse Solutions. It’s a hive of activity in here at the moment!

1 – My Video/Podcast Editing PC
2 – My Portable PC
3 – Another Screen for […]

Heirarchy of Social Networking Needs

I was reminded of this Infographic whilst at the First Friday Network in Horsham last friday.

TBH, I remember the premise of the infographic but not it’s detail, so it was  interesting going back and reviewing it.

It’s pretty obvious that LinkedIn provides us with security of employment, and that Facebook and Google+ provide us with […]

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Village Networking

I had a very enjoyable (and productive) meetup with some of the businesses based in my village last night at Great so see so many people ready to take the plunge and get into Social Networking for their businesses. well worth a visit if you have one of these running in your area.

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Brighton Business Curry Club

Here’s Pete at the Brighton Business Curry Club last night.  Big thanks to Paul Fletcher for the photography.

Time for a caption competiton perhaps?

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Let’s Start Networking!

I attended my first business networking event today.  I was hoping to record some interviews with some of the businesses there, and post these here on the website, but it seems these networking events operate a no video and no recording policy. Sadly, whatever happened at the show stayed at the show, but it was interesting […]

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Have Business Cards Will Travel

My new business cards have arrived ready for networking at the Brighton and Hove Business Show tomorrow.  I hope to meet lots of interesting people and capture some interesting content for a series of videos. Stay tuned!

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Brighton and Hove Business Show

I shall be heading down to the Brighton and Hove Business Show on Thursday this week.  Not only will it be a good chance to meet up with local business owners, but I’ll also be able to video some of the business owners and put some content here on the Suffuse Solutions site.  Feel free to say […]

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