Jun 192012

So, for today’s blog I’ve decided not to offer some advice, or show you some of my work. Instead I want to take you inside Mission Control here at Suffuse Solutions. It’s a hive of activity in here at the moment!

1 – My Video/Podcast Editing PC
2 – My Portable PC
3 – Another Screen for my Portable PC
4 – My Mac (you can’t be in media and not have a Mac can you?)
5 – My Notepad (even I scribble occasionally!)
6 – My Mobile Phone
7 – My Digital Video Camera (ready for action!)
8 – My Digital Audio Recorder (for those audio soundscapes!)
9 – My European Podcaster of the Year award (pride of place)
10 – My biggest fan (this is what I use to make things really cool!)

If you liked that, then have a look at Inside The Podcasting Factory!


  4 Responses to “Inside Suffuse Solutions”

  1. Love no 10. It’s good to have a fan

  2. Looking a bit light there mate.

    Second screen and ergonomic keyboard for each laptop?
    Come to think of it… Where’s your ipad?!

    • Thanks Mel!

      Not got an iPad yet, but oh so tempted!

      Have tried ergonimic keypads before, but have you ever met an ergonom? I’m sure they’re 3 feet tall with 6 ft arms and multiple heads. Not for me!

      Bet your office looks way cooler!

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